Popular ‘90s Celebs We Still Love Today

A lot of us still think that the ‘90s was only a decade ago when it had already been nearly two decades since. The last decade of the last century allowed Americans to let their hair down and have fun and was largely characterized by hilariously cool fashion fads and impressive girl power.

The 1990s was ruled by actresses, musicians, and daughters of celebrities who proved that they too are worthy investments in the entertainment industry by working their way up to the spotlight as well. Though they’re no longer at their peak, let’s find out who are still relevant to this day.



A lot of us ‘90s kids have surely grown up spending after-school afternoons catching up on the popular sitcom Who’s The Boss? where the then-young Hollywood starlet Alyssa Milano appeared as Tony Danza’s daughter Samantha Micelli. Her career in the entertainment industry began to pick up when she was cast on the serial fantasy Charmed as the carefree Halliwell sister and witch Phoebe.

Today Milano is also a published comic book artist who takes credit for the critically acclaimed cyber-thriller comic Hacktivist. She also appears in the drama series Mistresses where she portrays the role of prolific lawyer Savannah ‘Savi’ Davis.