Celebrities With Questionable Personal Hygiene Habits

Being a celebrity means having access to many luxuries that average folk can’t always afford. This includes designer clothing, perfume, and other personal care items which should ensure they always look and smell good. Then there are the stylists whose jobs include keeping these celebs presentable whether it be onscreen or off-screen. However, not all stars adhere to this “policy”—you might be surprised to find out that some of Hollywood’s most beautiful actually have questionable hygiene habits. From skipping showers to not using deodorants, much to the chagrin of their co-stars, here are some A-listers who might want to make investments in better personal care.



“She’d rather be smelly than dead.”

Those are pretty strong words coming from this beautiful actress, who always appears picture-perfect whether it be during events, on the red carpet, or even whilst out running errands. Gwyneth has sworn off using deodorants after finding out that the aluminum in it can be carcinogenic—something that some guests during the 2013 Met Gala had to experience first-hand. Some people were even spotted waving her scent away from their noses after brushing past the actress.

It’s quite ironic given that part of Paltrow’s investments went to her own wellness and lifestyle company – Goop. The company started as a weekly email newsletter that provided “sage advice” to its readers, most of which are heavily criticized to be pseudoscience. Under the company are several brands including Goop Fragrance which provides all-natural fragrance products including perfume and scented candles. Maybe she can come up with an all-natural deodorant next time.

We hope she finds an alternative soon, with all that investment money she has in producing natural products!