Real Estate Agents Were Absolutely Shocked to See What This Old House Is Hiding

Two sisters, whose skills complemented each other, decided that working together would be best for both of them. They were in the real estate industry, making money out of selling investments to clients, so the prospect of joining forces to maximize their sales became an increasingly attractive idea, given that while one was good at finding clients, the other was adept at closing deals.

As experienced realtors, both were well aware of the fact that closing deals required a lot of hard work. There was something about this particular deal; however, that made them feel it would be much harder.

A 96-Year-Old-Woman Called About Selling A House


A Stranger, by the name of Joyce, called the sisters and wanted to talk about selling her home. She was hesitant, as though unsure, and it seemed like a red flag to the sisters, because all their years of experience told them that clients who behaved in this manner had something to hide.

What’s more, Joyce seemed like a novice when it came to real estate, and it was as if she called the first number that she got a hold of. This was another red flag to the experienced realtor sisters because they knew that next to lawyers, it is precisely this kind of client that is hard to work with.